Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shrimp Bisque

This Barefoor Bloggers choice was from Jennifer at Our Blessed Home. My brother (and roomie) AJ loves seafood soups, so I was really excited to make this for him last week. This wasn't the most rich and creamy bisque that I've ever had (and I tend to prefer creamy soups), as Phillip said, "It was fine, it was shrimpy - it just didn't knock my socks off." I will definitely try to make a shrimp bisque again, but I probably won't use this recipe again.

For some reason, I can't copy the recipe into the blog today. For now, I'll just provide a link - and I'll fix it later. Here's Ina's version of Shrimp Bisque.

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Jennifer said...

Sorry you didn't enjoy it much. It had a bunch of ingredients, something that I didn't anticipate, and was somewhat time consuming, but felt it was good anyway.