Saturday, February 14, 2009

Banana Split Cupcakes

Most of the cupcakes that I bake make their way to one place - the dental school. I normally take them in and set my carrier on the front desk of our clinic. What happens to them after that is not my responsibility. The students and staff at school know that when they see my pink carrier, they are welcome to help themselves. This is fine with me, but some of my friends are of the opinion that I am too lenient with who gets cupcakes. Because of this, my friend Sean decided to place a custom order so he could distribute it as he saw fit. When I mentioned banana split cupcakes, his eyes lit up and I knew that we had a winner.

There is no real recipe for these, I just used the cone technique to put sliced bananas in the middle of plain white cake, topped it with strawberry buttercream (my basic buttercream recipe with some strawberry jam added), chocolate drizzle, nuts and a cherry!

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yandillian said...

yay! new post. you are right, they were super cute!!! too bad sean didn't distribute one to me! :)